The Best Way to Prevent Hair Clogs

Going in for a shower and discovering that the water has suddenly stopped draining, leaving you ankle deep in scummy greywater, is a highly unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, it is not a rare one for homeowners in Littleton, Colorado. The most common culprit for such a scenario is hair in the drain. There are a few […]

How to Prevent Clogs in Your Washing Machine

Preventing clogs in bathrooms and kitchens is relatively common knowledge in most Littleton households. Homeowners have a variety of tools and strategies at their disposal to do so, from installing hair catchers over shower drains to avoiding pouring used grease into the kitchen sink. But there are other drains in the home that can become […]

Spring Time Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

When winter comes to an end, and all that snow and ice begins to thaw, plumbing issues become apparent for houses that weren’t properly winterized. Every spring, homeowners in Littleton, CO should ensure the plumbing pipes are in excellent condition on the exterior and inside of your home:  Assess your sinks, faucets, and toilets to […]

Winter Plumbing Guide for Littleton, Colorado

It is necessary to get the plumbing in your home ready for the winter months in Colorado.  Whether there is a mild winter or a harsh winter, you can have peace of mind if you know that your plumbing is prepared for anything. Have your drains cleaned by a service technician or use a mixture […]

Protect Your Drains From Failure With These Tips

One of the largest parts of your plumbing system is the drains. That is because every appliance and fixture that is attached to your plumbing system – has a drain on it.   In fact, if water comes to it then water must be carried away from it and that is where a drain comes […]

Add 3 End Of Summer Maintenance Tips To Your List!

With August more than halfway over, the summer fun activities are slowly winding down. Some households are even hearing that first day of school bell ringing in the not so distant future.   It’s safe to say, you probably used your plumbing system a fair amount of the last few summer months.   Whether you […]

Are Your Plumbing Fixtures Ready For Summer Guests?

If you are hosting friends and family from out of town this summer – you are probably getting your home ready for their visit.   Stocking the pantry, cleaning the guest bedroom, and filling the swimming pool are all top tasks that need to get done when hosting overnight guests this summer.   But, in […]