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Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging

Plunging your toilet is useful in a pinch but should not be something you have to do on a regular basis. If you find yourself frequently using a plunger to clear clogs in your toilet, you may have a more extensive problem that requires assistance from a plumber. Consider the list below for reasons why your toilet keeps clogging, then contact Efficient Plumbing for help with any plumbing issues you experience.

  1. Outdated toilets. Older models were not designed to accommodate as many flushes as your family may need. Upgrade your home with a modern toilet that will use less water while more effectively clearing the toilet bowl. 
  2. Fill valve problems. The fill valve is the mechanism inside your toilet tank that controls the amount of water in each flush. A faulty fill valve can reduce the amount of water, making clogs more common.
  3. Plumbing vent issues. The plumbing vent helps your pipes keep the proper amount of pressure by removing excess gas from your plumbing system. A plumbing vent that was damaged by extreme weather or blocked by debris can cause the toilet to flush with insufficient force, making it more susceptible to clogging. 
  4. Pipe blockages. Although they are sometimes labeled as flushable, feminine hygiene products and baby wipes should never go into your toilet. In fact, they can cause serious blockages in your pipes. Items such as toothbrushes or razors that accidentally fall into the toilet and are inadvertently flushed can also become stuck in the pipes beyond your toilet. Any blockages will continue collecting debris and become worse without prompt attention.
  5. Sewage line problems. Major sewage line problems in your neighborhood may be responsible for your toilet clogs. Broken or corroded pipes can cause issues with the sewage line, and tree roots that grow into the system can also lead to extensive damage. Homeowners cannot completely prevent these problems, but regular maintenance and inspections can uncover signs of impending trouble before they develop into larger, more expensive issues.

If you are experiencing persistent problems with toilet clogs in your home, put down the plunger and contact Efficient Plumbing today. We can handle any plumbing issue in your home, including drain cleaning and repairing or replacing plumbing fixtures or appliances.

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