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Winter Plumbing Guide for Littleton, Colorado

It is necessary to get the plumbing in your home ready for the winter months in Colorado.  Whether there is a mild winter or a harsh winter, you can have peace of mind if you know that your plumbing is prepared for anything.

  • Have your drains cleaned by a service technician or use a mixture of hot water and baking soda to clear away debris from your pipes regularly. The hot water can help melt away the things that attach over a short amount of time and wash it through.  Baking soda will also help with odors coming from your drains.
  • If you have faucets that drip or leaking pipes, winter is the time to make sure that all your leaks are taken care of right away. A leaking pipe can be the result of a frozen pipe or clog, or it can allow pipes to freeze easier.
  • If you have any plumbing at your Littleton, Colorado, house that isn’t insulated, then your home is at a higher risk of having frozen pipes. Consider heating all the areas of your home that have plumbing in them, including your garage and basement.  If heating the areas of your home with plumbing isn’t an option, make sure that each one of your pipes is well insulated.  Don’t forget to inspect the plumbing in your crawlspace to make sure it is well insulated also.
  • Make sure your water heater is ready to work harder during the colder months of the year. If you think there is a problem with rust in your water heater tank, then it is more susceptible to having a leak or needing an emergency replacement.
  • Remove your garden hoses and get insulated covers for your hose bibs. Make sure there isn’t any excess water in your faucets or hoses during cold spells.  This water can freeze and allow your other plumbing to freeze.
  • Know where your water main is so that you can access it quickly during an emergency. You should also drain your plumbing and shut off your water if you plan on traveling during the winter.
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