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The Best Way to Prevent Hair Clogs

Going in for a shower and discovering that the water has suddenly stopped draining, leaving you ankle deep in scummy greywater, is a highly unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, it is not a rare one for homeowners in Littleton, Colorado. The most common culprit for such a scenario is hair in the drain. There are a few ways to regularly maintain your plumbing, ensuring that you reduce the chance of clogs forming in the pipes, such as flushing your pipes with hot water or using natural cleaners. Small amounts of hair can be effectively dislodged in this manner. Unfortunately, by the time the clog is large enough to impact your shower, it is likely too large to be easily handled by those methods. That’s why the most effective way to treat clogs is to prevent them from forming in the first place.

The key to preventing hair clogs is by keeping your hair from going down the pipes. One way to do this is to shed any loose hairs before the shower, which can be done by thoroughly brushing it while dry. You can also keep track of any loose strands that end up tangled in your fingers while washing your hair and put them aside for disposal. Ultimately, the most effective solution is to ensure your drain is protected so that even if you forget to do the above, the hair is kept out of the drain, which can be done by installing a hair catcher.

Most drains come equipped with some cover. However, many of the models used are outdated or ineffective when it comes to trapping hair. Additionally, some of them involve using a hair trap inside the pipe, requiring you to manually unscrew or remove the cover to empty the trap on a regular basis. Consider adding a hair catcher that can be installed over the drain, giving you easy access so you can remove the trapped hair regularly, ensuring your pipes stay clear.

If you’re already experiencing issues, it may be a good idea to have a plumber thoroughly clean your pipes before installing the hair catcher. At Efficient Plumbing, we have extensive experience handling all sorts of clogs and can ensure that your lines are cleared in short order. To schedule a visit, contact us online.


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