Three Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems happen even with the best preventive maintenance. Winters like the ones we have in Littleton, CO subjects your system to unique stresses that many systems just can’t handle. Pipes freeze and crack, families visiting strain your drainage system, and before you know it, disaster strikes. We’ve put together three of the most common […]

How To Reduce The Amount Of Water You Use

The first day of spring is a kicking off point for many people to begin outdoor activities such as landscaping, mowing, prepping the garden for planting. Many of the outdoor spring cleaning chores include using more water than in the winter, making this the perfect time to investigate ways to reduce water consumption and thus […]

Selecting A Dishwasher That Will Save Energy

LIT-Selecting A Dishwasher That Will Save Energy Purchase a portable dishwasher until you remodel or move If buying and installing a built-in dishwasher is too expensive, consider a portable.  It can be almost as easy to use, especially if you have a convenient place to store it between uses.  And like all portable appliances, according […]