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Three Common Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

Our plumbing devices have become extremely essential components of homes all across North America, and Littleton, Colorado, is no exception to this widespread cultural phenomenon. However, when plumbing appliances aren’t properly maintained or treated with care, they are more likely to experience problems at a higher rate. Luckily, simply being aware of some of the most common bad plumbing habits can help you avoid accidentally damaging the most important devices in your home. Here are a few of the most prominent negative plumbing habits all homeowners should avoid developing to protect their systems from unintended damage.


Not Investing in Yearly Plumbing Maintenance Procedures


Even though manufacturers recommend regular maintenance services for most common household plumbing devices, many homeowners forget to schedule upkeep services on an ongoing basis. However, investing in annual or semi-annual plumbing maintenance services at least once a year is a vital part of owning plumbing appliances. Scheduling professional services can give you the opportunity to determine minor problems and have them resolved before they turn into critical issues, which can help save you time and money in the long run.


Neglecting to Resolve Leaks

Though most homeowners know a leaky pipe is problematic, many do not take the time to resolve them immediately after discovering their presence. Leaving leaks unmediated even after you notice them is not only extremely dangerous, but it can result in more expensive repair bills due to the detrimental impact of severe water damage on your property. Having leaks fixed as soon as you possibly can is the best means of avoiding large-scale flooding disasters, so don’t wait to call a professional plumber to get your leaks repaired.


Flushing Household Materials and Sanitary Products Down the Toilet


Flushing anything but toilet paper and waste down your toilet is a sure-fire way to cause a clog. Your toilets and piping system are not designed to handle typical household items such as paper towels, cotton balls, napkins, sanitary items, pieces of food, cigarette remains, diapers, or baby wipes. These items are especially prone to resulting in unpleasant blockages and hefty repair expenses, so refrain from flushing them down your toilets at all costs.


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