Toilet Clogs Are Annoying But Simple To Solve

annoying toilet clogs

Solving annoying toilet clogs If, when you flush the toilet, the bowl fills up but won’t drain, then your toilet is clogged.  If the bowl is full to the brim, bail out half of the water in order to prevent splashing while you work to unclog the toilet, says the plumbing of Littleton experts. Plunging […]

Easy Steps To Fix A Sweating Toilet

Simple remedy for condensation The first thing to do, says the plumbing of Littleton experts, is to turn the toilet supply valve off, flush and dry the toilet tank with a towel and hair dryer.  When a cold surface contacts warmer moist air, moisture will condense on the colder surface.  Such condensation causes sweating toilet […]

Installing a Bathroom Sink Drain Body

Bathroom faucet maintenance A bathroom sink typically has three holes.  The faucet usually comes with a pop-up stopper assembly.  According to the plumbing of Littleton experts, to install a sink drain body, first, loosen the slip nut to disconnect the drain body from the trap.  Remove the locknut under the sink and slide out the […]

Tighten Packing Nut On Outdoor Faucet

packing nut stop leaking faucet

Leaky faucet could be packing nut If replacing the washer doesn’t stop a leak in your faucet, it may be leaking from around the packing nut.  The packing nut is right beneath the handle of the faucet.  If you turn the faucet handle so that water comes out of the faucet, the leakage around the […]