Cleaning a Dishwasher Inlet Screen

Aerator screens If your dishwasher takes forever to fill, a clogged inlet screen restricting the water flow might be the culprit.  Open the lower access door at the bottom of the dishwasher and locate the inlet valve solenoid, typically on the bottom left. In some cases you may have to pull the dishwasher out and […]

Understanding Push/Pull Single-Handle Shower Faucets

single handle shower faucet

Shower diverter valve Most single-handle shower faucets simply turn water on and off; a pull-up diverter valve on the spout determines whether water goes up or down.  Some models, however, have a diverter built into the handle. You may be able to find repair parts in a kit for a specific faucet.  If not, standard […]

Most Homeowners Can Make Minor Plumbing Repairs


Understanding your water cycle The fresh water that enters your home originates in one of two sources:  surface water or groundwater.  Surface water supplies, according to the experts at Littleton plumbing, include lakes, streams, rivers and artificial storage reservoirs.  Groundwater comes from natural underground caverns or from aquifers – porous, water-saturated layers of gravel, sand, […]

Replacing A Valve

Globe, Gate and Ball Valves A plumbing system should have a main shutoff valve that controls water to the whole house and intermediate shutoff valves that control water for various areas of the house. According to the plumbing of Littleton experts, there also should be shutoff valves on the incoming cold supply line for a […]