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Upgrading Your Water Heater

If you are ready to upgrade your water heater, there are many options and choices to help you decide on the right way to heat your water.  Regardless of why you want a new water heater, there are some considerations if you’re going to make a drastic change.

Tank to Tankless Benefits

  1. You will have more access to hot water.  While tankless water heaters aren’t always perfect, you will notice that you have access to hot water longer and in many areas of your home at the same time.
  2. If your water heater runs on gas, a gas tankless water heater will save you money on energy expenses.  The tank water heater always uses gas to keep the water in the tank at a specific temperature, while the gas that runs a tankless unit is only heating when needed. 
  3. Tankless water heaters take up less space than tank water heaters.

Larger Capacity

You may decide that the water heater in your home isn’t doing a good enough job.  Your choices are to add a water heater, or you can replace your water heater with a new one that has a larger tank capacity.  You may have the additional benefit of a newer water heater being more efficient.  You may save money on your energy bills, even if the tank is larger than your current water heater!

Different Fuel Options

Once you decide which type of energy service or fuel you prefer for your home in Littleton, CO, then you can match a water heater to the new kind of fuel you want use to run your water heater.  If you switch from electricity to natural gas, then you could have the added expense of adding a gas line to your home.  There are also oil and propane water heaters, but these aren’t as typical in the city of Littleton. 

Whether you build a new home or want to upgrade your water heater, Efficient Plumbing can help you remove your old water heater and install the new unit you choose for your home.

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