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How to Keep Your Sewer Line from Getting Damaged This Summer

A damaged sewer line can cause a considerable amount of damage to your home in Littleton, CO. If you notice a problem with your sewer system, it is important to have it looked at and repaired right away, so you don’t have structural damage to your home and landscaping.  Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your sewer line clean and ready for the summer weather in Colorado.

Summer Storms in Colorado

Heavy rains will affect your sewer line.  If the sewer backs up from the city line, it can come into your home and make a huge problem for you and your family.  To avoid this mess, don’t do anything that uses much water during a storm or flood.  The more water you use, the more your sewer can back up.  Make sure your sewer line has a backwater valve or a sump pump if flooding is an issue at your home.  These can help keep the sewage in the city pipes and water from a flood from coming into your home.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are a major cause in summer sewer line damage.  Tree roots can quickly cause a total clock in your sewer system.  If you have an older home with a clay sewer line, then you may have damage to your pipes from the trees in your yard.  If you smell sewer in your yard or notice wet spots when it hasn’t rained, you have damage to your sewer line.  Preventing this involves having a professional inspect and clean your line regularly.

How to Prevent Clogs in Your Sewer System

  • Don’t put anything in your toilet besides toilet paper.
  • Only put tiny amounts of food down your garbage disposal while running cold water.
  • Use a grease can in your kitchen, instead of pouring grease down your sink.
  • Dispose of chemicals and paint by calling the city or county and asking them for a location. Don’t dump them down your sink as the paint will cause clogs and chemicals will eat away at your pipes.
  • Only put trees in your yard that have a small root system and grow at a slow rate.

If you have problems with your plumbing or want preventative maintenance, Efficient Plumbing can help keep your sewer line working well this summer.

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