How to Fix Low Water Pressure

Low Water Pressure Old houses with low water pressure can be at a higher risk of developing more serious plumbing problems, but new houses can have the issue too. Low pressure can happen slowly over time or overnight, depending on the cause of the problem. If left alone, low water pressure can result in annoying […]

Does a Water Conserving Shower Head Really Make a Difference

Your shower head likely isn’t something you think much about – until you notice that your water bill seems to have been consistently rising over the past several months. Even when you’re trying to cut down on your water usage, however, it can be easy to underestimate just how much water you’re using on a […]

Protect Your Drains From Failure With These Tips

One of the largest parts of your plumbing system is the drains. That is because every appliance and fixture that is attached to your plumbing system – has a drain on it.   In fact, if water comes to it then water must be carried away from it and that is where a drain comes […]