When to Replace a Toilet Seal

If you have water leaking from under the toilet onto your bathroom floor or notice a sulfur smell coming from your bathroom, you may need to replace the toilet seal. Learn when to replace a toilet seal and the options for replacing one below. Function of a Toilet Seal A toilet seal covers the base […]

What Can I Do For A Bathtub Clog?

There are many drains in your home but, no other room has as many as the bathroom does. Between the bathroom sinks, toilet, shower, and tub – your bathroom is full of places where a nasty clog could form. The bathtub is no exception to this rule either, when hair, dirt, and soap residue rinse […]

How To Keep Your Bathroom Fixtures Clean

Indoor plumbing is a luxury that we have enjoyed our entire lives. Anyone who has spent several days tent camping can appreciate a hot shower, running water, and a flushing toilet. In addition to the simple convenience of modern bathrooms there is the added bonus of the ambience. Many people spend time in their bathroom […]

How Time Consuming Has Taking A Shower Become?


Ultra Low Flow Showerheads An ultra-low-flow shower head can save many gallons of water but can clog just as easily as a standard shower head.  Before you know it, the time it takes to complete a shower can accumulate and one day you will find yourself feeling like your schedule is out-of-whack and you can’t […]

Fixing Tricky Pop-Up Drain Sink Stopper Mechanisms

Bathroom sink faucets 101 Pop-up drain stoppers in bathroom sinks are a convenient inventions, says the Littleton plumber expert, but fixing them requires you to crawl around under and behind the sink – tough duty if your bathroom sink is mounted in a vanity cabinet.  You will have to unload everything you have stored under […]