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Should You Replace Your Shower Head?

Taking a shower is a routine for a lot of us, to the point where we don’t think about much beyond getting a good water temperature and getting clean. We rarely ever think about how clean our shower heads are or whether they should be replaced. However, shower heads aren’t designed to last forever, and they do need to be changed out eventually.

If you notice any of these warning signs when you take your next shower, it’s probably time to consider an upgrade.

It Leaks

A leaking shower head may not be a big deal. Sometimes, you can fix the leak by doing something simple, such as tightening the arm connection. However, if the leak doesn’t stop, it might be time to get a new showerhead — before paying even more money on your water bill.

It Has Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure may be caused by any number of things, from issues with your water heater to a clog in the pipes. Even then, if your showers aren’t as strong and satisfying as they used to be and you can’t figure out why it could be because the shower head is getting old.

It’s Covered in Sediment

If your water tends to carry chemicals and minerals with it, sediment buildup can become a problem. If you see a gray or white layer on the inside or rim of your shower head, it’s covered in sediment. This sediment can be cleaned, but you might prefer to invest in a brand-new showerhead altogether.

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