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Signs Your Boiler Needs Maintenance

When Colorado winters move in, you want to be sure your boiler is working to keep your home warm and comfortable. A boiler lasts anywhere from 15 to 20 years, and as you get toward the second half of that lifespan, you want to keep an eye on it. Though your boiler may still be functioning, it may be less efficient than it used to be. Here are some signs that you need boiler maintenance or replacement.

Water Leaking

If you see leaks coming from your boiler, you want to get it repaired. Leaks can lead to lower water pressure in the boiler, leading to more intense repairs over time. Water leaks can also create water damage in your home. You want to check for puddles of water around the boiler itself and its pipes, as some leaks can be slower and harder to spot.


When your boiler makes weird rumbling or banging noises, it’s probably damaged or strained from overheating. Sometimes, it indicates a severe hazard. Find out where the noises are coming from in the boiler and get a professional’s assistance.


Bad or unusual smells from your boiler could indicate needing an entirely new boiler. The smells could be rust deposits in the boiler, or there could even be gas leaking from connected pipes.

Slow Heating

A boiler that takes a long time to heat up or doesn’t heat at all needs a repair. If your boiler has low heat, there could be buildup on the heaters blocking them from the water. However, slow or nonexistent heating means more severe repair or replacement is needed. When boilers react this way, they are likely costing you a lot of unnecessary money on energy bills.

Boiler Repair and Maintenance in Littleton

One of the surest ways to keep your boiler functioning all winter is to schedule regular maintenance. A professional can help catch a potential problem before it becomes an issue and monitor changes over the years. Contact Efficient Plumbing Services today to schedule boiler maintenance or repair.

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