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Steps In Winter Plumbing Prep That Are Easy to Forget

It’s hard to believe that the summer months are coming to an end and the leaves are turning beautiful autumn colors. This is a very pretty time of year but, as any Littleton resident can tell you, bitter cold temperatures are right around the corner. As a Colorado homeowner prepares their plumbing for winter, they should be as thorough as possible to prevent winter damage to their systems. Even to the plumbing-conscious homeowner, there are some steps that are easy to overlook when prepping for the winter months. Here are three things not to forget to do when preparing plumbing for the cold.

Fully Drain Outdoor Faucets

Most people remember to shut off the water to their outdoor faucets for winter, but many don’t think about draining them as well. If water stays in the faucet, once the cold sets in, there is a very likely chance that it is going to leak when the water is turned back on in the spring.

Insulate Garage Pipes

That’s right, insulating your garage pipes with foam or fiberglass can prevent frozen pipes later. Some people think that garage temperatures don’t fall below freezing but, unless it is heated, this is not always true. There is tape-backed pipe installation that can be easily placed on garage pipes, so you can have them prepared for the cold in no time. 

Planning For The Holidays

Winter holidays are still months away, but it is never too soon to put a plan in place for your plumbing if you will be traveling. When people leave town to visit relatives who live far away during the winter holidays, there should always be a plan in place to make sure pipes don’t freeze. This may mean having someone come over to your house periodically to check on the pipes or making sure the thermostat stays warm enough to prevent freezing. 

The best way to ensure that every little detail is taken care of in winter prep for plumbing is to contact a professional. The experts at Efficient Plumbing can make sure that your whole system is prepared for the subzero temperatures ahead. 

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