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Three Steps to Deal With Gurgling Toilets

It’s a sound nobody wants to hear when they’re leaving a bathroom: a gurgle from the toilet! If your toilet gurgles or bubbles, it’s a sure sign that something is not functioning the way it’s supposed to. Luckily, there are three simple steps to take that may solve the problem.

1. Inspect the Toilet Bowl

 This first step is very simple, indeed. Take a close look at the toilet bowl. You might be able to see something in the drain that was flushed that shouldn’t have been and is now blocking the path. Even smaller items such as floss or clumps of hair might not be apparent at first but can be seen just from looking at the drain from a different angle.

2. Plunge It! 

If the first step doesn’t work out, it’s time to plunge away. Even little clogs can cause funny noises from the toilet and these little clogs are no match for a good plunging. Many people only think of plunging when there’s a clog, but it never hurts to do it anytime weird sounds start happening.

3. Check With Your Neighbors

Calling up your neighbors might not be a step you would think to take when dealing with a gurgling toilet, but it’s a good idea. Your neighbors may, in fact, be dealing with the same problems as you are. If that is the case, it’s a sign that there is something wrong with the drainage further down the line, and it’s time to contact the people who can fix it.

If the strange noises keep happening, or if there starts to be foul odors and sewer smells in your bathroom, it is time to call in the professionals. The expert team at Efficient Plumbing has many years of experience in dealing with all sorts of bathroom plumbing issues. Contact us today with any questions you may have or to request our services. 

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