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Plumbing Tips to Take Care of a Septic System

Why Taking Care of Your Septic System Matters

Septic systems are not the massive, fast-moving sewers that the city has. A septic system functions closer to a compost bin as waste is slowly decomposed in stages in a large tank before being spread out in lateral lines underneath your property. The process is quite long, and material that can’t decompose quickly will end up clogging your septic tank and eventually backup your house—gross!

How to Take Care of Your Septic System 

What you put down your drain and the amount that put down it matters. For example, don’t use a garbage disposal that adds solids and grease, which can build up in the system, resulting in serious consequences. Instead, try to make a compost bin or throw grease and food products away. Same as in the bathroom, don’t flush anything that isn’t toilet paper. It might not be degradable and cause the same issue a solid piece of mass would—clogging and backing up.

The amount of water you use also impacts the septic system. You might not think that it hurts using a bit more water here and there, but overuse may result in overfilling and backing up the system. This is especially important as those who are capable of having a septic system probably have a well.

Finally, there’s scheduled maintenance. You should ensure that you get maintenance done on both your septic system and your indoor plumbing if you suspect anything could be wrong with your system. A clog anywhere can result in serious damage to your home and cost you thousands in repairs.

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