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Why Is My Water Line Leaking

As a homeowner in the Littleton area, you rely on your water line to transport water from the supply source to your home day in and day out, without any thought to how it gets there. This pipe, buried deep beneath the ground, is essential to your daily activities such as washing dishes, doing laundry, and personal hygiene. Experiencing a leak or a break in the waterline makes you realize how important this ¾ inch pipe really is. Water lines can experience similar stress and corrosion issues as other types of plumbing issues. These are just a few of the reasons you may be experiencing water line problems.

5 Reasons Why Water Lines Leak

  1. The age of the pipe. Depending on the age of your home, your water line issues can be due to old deteriorating pipes. If your home was built prior to 1970, the material used to construct the water line pipes may be galvanized steel or cast iron. These materials are especially susceptible to corrosion and age-related deterioration.
  2. The quality of the water. If the water coming from your municipal system is highly acidic or contains high levels of other corrosive chemicals, such as Chloride, it may have a corrosive impact on your water lines. This can also be especially harmful to copper piping in your home.
  3. The composition of the soil. Your soil makeup can also impact the condition of your water lines. Clay soil, in particular, can be problematic. It has a very low soil resistivity factor, making it highly corrosive, and it tends to be high in chloride. If your soil is mostly clay, it is advisable to schedule routine inspections and monitoring of your pipes every few years.
  4. Soil Movement. If the soil shifts, causing excessive pressure on the waterline or the soil movement causes a rock to damage the waterline, you may experience a leak or rupture. These can occur as a result of regular ground movement and steeling or from a construction project.
  5. Roots infiltrating the pipes. Root infiltration impacts both sewer lines and water lines. Trees and other plants with extensive root systems will seek out moisture. This can lead to damage to your plumbing system.

If you are experiencing any leaking or breakage issues with your water line, call the professionals at Efficient Plumbing today at (720) 606-9967 for assistance. Our highly trained technicians have the proper equipment to inspect your water line, identify the problem, and repair it quickly and efficiently.

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