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Is Your Boiler Ready for Winter?

Having a boiler that works all winter correctly is essential when you live in Littleton, Colorado.  There are a few things you can look or listen to to see if your boiler needs service this fall.  If you decide to call for help with your boiler, Efficient Plumbing is available for all your boiler services this fall.

The first thing to check for when inspecting your boiler is leaks.  If you do notice water leaking from your boiler, it should have repair services right away to save the structure of your home or business. 

Check your boiler and radiators for noises that sound odd or different than usual. Unusual noises can mean that you have a severe problem with your boiler and need to have it repaired so that it works well all winter.

If you have a pilot light that won’t stay lit, you should have your boiler inspected.  You may also need to have your gas company alerted if you think there may be a gas leak or something wrong with your gas pipe.

Make sure your pipes are insulated if your boiler is in a colder area of your home.  Insulating your pipes can keep them from freezing and the boiler failing during the most frigid winter temperatures.

Check your carbon monoxide alarm, and if you don’t have one, buy one and install it!  A carbon monoxide alarm can save lives, and they are vital if you own an older boiler.

If you haven’t had your boiler serviced in the last year or two, have it serviced before winter.  Consider having an annual inspection and preventative services to makes sure your boiler works well year-round.  You may also want to have your thermostat checked to make sure that it responds appropriately and there aren’t any errors. 

Efficient Plumbing in Littleton, Colorado, has a team that is experienced in working with old and new boilers.  We offer preventative maintenance, repair services, and replacement services for the Littleton area and respond to service requests in a punctual manner.

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