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Top Summer Plumbing Problems in Littleton, Colorado

Colorado is beautiful in the summer!  Along with the great amount of sunshine and green lawns for backyard BBQs, there are troubles that follow with residential plumbing systems.  Some of the biggest problems that happen with plumbing during the summers in Littleton are avoided with regular maintenance and organization.

Sprinkler Systems

It is easy just to start a sprinkler system and let it go for the summer without making sure that it isn’t leaking anywhere.  We all want a great yard, so we focus on watering it and forget that the sprinkler system needs regular maintenance and check-ups.  It is important to have your sprinklers cleaned annually to get rid of any debris or corrosion that sticks to the sprinkler heads.  You will also be able to find any broken heads or fix the ones that don’t spray properly.  If your sprinkler system does leak, it can cause problems for your house, or run up your utility bills for water.

Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal is something that everyone wants when it is time to clean up after a big summer event.  Having a family dinner outside or enjoying a BBQ with friends is what summer is all about!  Your garbage disposal will feel the stress of the events you have in your home if there aren’t rules posted for what can and can’t go down the drain.  Have your guests and family put rinds, peels, fibrous meat, cobs, celery, bones, grease, and noodles in other waste bins or put the vegetables in a compost.

Sewer Lines

A sewer line clog is more common in the summer in Colorado than the winter.  This is because many people have visitors in the summer and a sewer line has trouble keeping up if it already has a clog in it.

If you want preventative maintenance for your plumbing this summer to make sure it is on track to be able to handle the stresses of your summer events, contact Efficient Plumbing to have us come check your plumbing out.  We will make sure you and your family are ready to have a great summer without plumbing worries!

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