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How to Find Hidden Leaks

Most property owners can easily identify water damage like flooding, damaged floors and
ceilings, and soft and/or damp spots on walls. However, some leaks may be hidden for some
time before they show visible damage. Efficient Plumbing in Littleton, CO can help you find
hidden leaks and fix them before they cause serious damage, but it is important for every
property owner to know how to identify hidden leaks.

Use Your Ears

You may not see a leak right away, so keep your ears open for any dripping or running water
sounds, especially at night. Make sure your water-based appliances like dishwashers and laundry
machines are not running and pay close attention for any sounds that seem like water dripping
inside walls, under floors, or in any inaccessible areas of a property. You will probably hear a
hidden leak before you see it.

Check for Signs of Water Damage

You may have a hidden leak in an upper floor of your property and notice water damage on
lower floors. If you cannot determine the exact cause of lower-level water damage, you may
need to inspect above the damage to find its source. It is very common for property owners to
notice water damage in one location of a property when the source is actually above the visible

Account for the Weather

All property owners should know how to clear away snow and ice from their walking paths and
driveways for safety but moving snow away from a property can also help prevent serious and
costly issues. Snowmelt can seep into the ground around your home and eventually enter the
basement, damaging your foundation and potentially causing expensive damage.

This spring take time to inspect your property for ways water damage could potentially manifest.
Check your gutters for clogs and ensure no clogged gutters or ice dams on your roof present a
water damage risk. Starting from the top down is a great way to prevent water damage; any
vulnerabilities in your roof and upper levels will endanger the lowest levels and the foundation
of your home. Contact Efficient Plumbing in Littleton, CO for help with hidden leaks now.

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