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How to Prevent Winter Water Damage in Your Home

Winter can involve heavy precipitation in some areas of the country. Snow and ice accumulation can cause severe property damage unless you take preventative measures.  Efficient Plumbing in Littleton, CO can help you with clogged drains and a variety of residential plumbing services, but we believe it is also important for homeowners to know how to prevent water damage from winter weather. 

Gutters Are Top Priority

If you only do one thing to prevent winter water damage in your home, clean your gutters. If you allow your gutters to accumulate leaves, twigs, roof shingle particles, and other debris, snowmelt and winter precipitation cannot clear the gutters effectively. As precipitation melts and refreezes, it creates large chunks of ice and frozen debris that can damage your gutters and potentially cause injuries. Clear away debris from your gutters and consider installing gutter guards to help them function more efficiently.

Check Your Pipes

A professional plumber can inspect your home’s water system for any cracked or leaky pipes. If left unchecked during the winter, leaks can freeze and cause pipes to rupture, leaking water all over various areas in your home and leading to expensive repair bills. All interior pipes should have appropriate insulation to help prevent freezing issues as well. A plumber can help winterize exterior pipes and sprinkler system to prevent damage from freezing.

If you worry that your sinks’ pipes may freeze, keep your under-sink cabinet doors open at night to allow heat to circulate in these spaces and warm the pipes. It’s best to keep your home’s heat setting no lower than 55 degrees during the winter – even when you aren’t home – to prevent pipe freezing. 

Know When to Call a Plumber

If you suspect a pipe in your home has frozen, turn off the main water source to your home and call Efficient Plumbing in Littleton right away. A plumber can locate the source of the problem and help restore safe water flow to your home, preventing serious water damage from a burst pipe. 

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