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Prepare Your Plumbing System for Fall in Littleton, Colorado

As the seasons change in Littleton, Colorado, residents and homeowners are beginning to say goodbye to summer. As we all return to our regular routines, the importance of prepping your home for colder weather is often forgotten.

However, conducting plumbing maintenance now can prevent the onset of dire issues throughout the season. Consider the following plumbing tips to prepare ahead of time for the emergence of cold weather.

Know How to Shut Your Water Off

Learning how to turn off your water supply is arguably the most important things to do as a homeowner. Being able to deactivate the flow of water is instrumental to deterring flood damage in the event of an emergency.

Store Your Hoses

To keep your garden hose in good condition over the fall and winter, you should make a point to store it correctly. Disconnect the hose, empty its contents, and keep it in a storage space where it won’t be prone to freezing when the temperatures get low.

Switch off Your Hose Bib

Properly switching off your hose bib and interior water line is another essential duty you will need to check off your task list this fall. If you’ve noticed any signs of leaking from your hose bib lately, set aside time to have it repaired before the weather gets colder.

Inspect Your Sump Pump

In the event of heavy rain, you will definitely want to know that your sump pump is functioning properly and can adequately keep water from coming into contact with the foundation of your home. Take time to check your pump to see if it’s connected to its power source and ensure that its drain is free off any clog-inducing debris.

Check Your Bathroom’s Sinks and Drains

If you’re planning on having family or friends stay in your home for the holiday season, prepare in advance by making sure that your bathrooms are in proper condition. Check your drains, sinks, and pipes to ensure they don’t have leaks, clogs, and are draining at the appropriate speed. If you discover any problems, have them repaired now in preparation for the holiday season.

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