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Is Your Water Heater as Efficient as it Should Be?

The water heater is one of the most important – and often, most underappreciated – appliances in your home. Most homeowners don’t think about their water heaters until they stop working. When this happens, you need a reliable plumbing expert to solve the problem and return hot water to your home as soon as possible. Efficient Plumbing in Littleton, Colorado, provides several water heater services for our clients to ensure hot water availability when you need it.


What Can Go Wrong With My Water Heater?

Traditional tank-style water heaters typically use either electricity or gas heating elements to heat the water. Sometimes, a water heater issue is caused by something as simple as a tripped circuit breaker or blown pilot light. Other problems are more significant, such as a blown fuse, faulty thermostat, or faulty heating element. When these things happen, it can cause you to lose hot water or only have hot water for a few moments before the temperature drops.

When you work with Efficient Plumbing in Littleton, Colorado, for your water heater issues, we can diagnose the problem and determine whether your current water heater is sufficient for the hot water demand in your home or business. If you’re using more hot water than your heater can provide, we can install an upgraded water heater to better suit your needs. We can also help modernize your water heater to a tankless, on-demand heating system or a more energy-efficient tank-based model.


Stop Small Issues Before They Become Big Problems

A lack of hot water isn’t the only issue that can be caused by a faulty water heater. Leaks, noise, dirty or rusty water, and unpleasant odors can all cause serious issues in your home or business, and Efficient Plumbing can help. Call our team at the first sign of a water heater problem to fix it quickly with minimal disruption to your usual routine.


Don’t let water heater problems put a damper on your plans. Call Efficient Plumbing in Littleton, Colorado, today. Whether your water heater is gas heated, electric, or a tank-less configuration, our team of qualified technicians will quickly diagnose and fix the problem.


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