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Prevent Major Problems By Knowing The Signs Of Main Sewer Line Damage

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With Thanksgiving already behind us there is no question that the holiday season is in full swing and the winter weather is soon to settle in.

This is the time of year when most families prefer to stay indoors and keep warm. Having friends and family over for a dinner party or extended stay are both fun ways to spend.

Additionally, many families enjoy being the ones to travel and hit the road to go and visit with loved ones they haven’t seen in awhile.

But, whether you are hosting or traveling this holiday season – it is essential that the plumbing system of your home be in top working condition.

If a main sewer line disaster happens to you, it is something you will remember for a lifetime!

Keep an eye out for these signs of main sewer line trouble and help avoid a bad situation from getting worse:

If you notice that none of the toilets in your home are flushing the right way or they are all clogged at the same time – this is a clear sign that your main sewer line is in trouble. In fact, if there is something wrong with your main sewer line it is virtually impossible for the toilets of your home to work properly.

When you use one plumbing fixture in your home – others act funny is also a clear sign that there is something wrong with your main sewer line. Things like a backup of water or a gurgling sign coming out of the bathtub drain when you run the kitchen sink is an example of this.

If there are several drains in your plumbing system that are not working properly all at the same time, this is also a clear sign that your main sewer line is having trouble. For instance, if you notice that your kitchen sink and all of the drains in your bathroom are clogged.

Keep your eyes peeled for these very important signs that there is something wrong with your main sewer line. If you notice any of these problems, make sure that you call for a professional plumber right away.

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