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Protect Your Drains From Failure With These Tips

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One of the largest parts of your plumbing system is the drains. That is because every appliance and fixture that is attached to your plumbing system – has a drain on it.


In fact, if water comes to it then water must be carried away from it and that is where a drain comes in handy.


All of the drains of your plumbing system are designed to divert the used water and waste that is generated by the fixture out to the main sewer line.


The main sewer line is a pipe that is buried in the ground outside of your home and it carries all of the waste and used water that is collects from your plumbing fixtures and appliances out to the main sewer line of the city or county.


The problem is, since all of these systems and pipes are connected to each other, that means that when something goes wrong with one part of the system – the whole things will be affected.


Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to make sure that your plumbing system doesn’t have a major failure due to a problem in the drains:


  • Make sure that all of the bathroom drains in your home have a drain screen on them. A drain screen is a simple little plumbing accessory that you just lay over the top of each of your drain openings. For instance, the bathroom sink, shower and bathtub drains should all over a drain screen on them. This will help to capture the strands of hair that get washed away before they go down the drain. Hair is a major problem for your drain system.
  • Don’t misuse the garbage disposal in your kitchen. This is a very important appliance and should not be used as a trash can. It is only designed to handle a very small amount of food scraps and the rest should be thrown into the garbage.
  • Make sure that there is a wastebasket in the bathroom to handle all of the waste rather than have those items be flushed down the toilet. Your toilet is only designed to handle toilet paper and human waste. If you flush anything else down it, you are risking the entire plumbing system for your home.

These are some of the major problems that could arise in your plumbing system and how you can help to prevent them. Make sure to add these steps to your to-do list this fall and get them done before the winter weather arrives

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