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Add 3 End Of Summer Maintenance Tips To Your List!

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With August more than halfway over, the summer fun activities are slowly winding down. Some households are even hearing that first day of school bell ringing in the not so distant future.


It’s safe to say, you probably used your plumbing system a fair amount of the last few summer months.


Whether you were watering the kids in the backyard, washing up after a barbecue, or getting all of the dirt and sand out of the camping clothes and bedding – your plumbing system has sustained its fair share of abuse this summer.


However, the next season on the calendar is fall, and that means your plumbing system will need to be able to handle high volumes of water from the rain.


Make sure to follow these tips to get your plumbing system ready for fall:


  • While it is not quite time to disconnect your hoses and put them away for the summer, it is important to check all of your indoor and outdoor fixtures for leaks. Especially check the plumbing in the cabinets under your sink and the spigots outside and around your home. These areas are important to check because leaks can happen without you knowing about it for awhile and the water damage can be extensive
  • Check your water heater for obvious signs of damage and call for a professional inspection if you haven’t had one done recently. Your water heater could be called the “heart” of your plumbing system and very important to keep working properly
  • Has your septic system been inspected this year? It is essential to the overall function of your septic system that it be inspected at least one time per year and then that you have it pumped once every three years – if not more often. Having a septic system malfunction is highly stressful on its own but, having a malfunction when there is cold weather and heavy rains is even more so. Avoid this whole scenario by keeping your system regularly inspected.


Check these end of summer maintenance tips off of your list to keep your plumbing system in top working condition. Make sure that your home is in good shape and ready for fall by taking a few minutes to cross these tasks off of your list.  


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