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3 Plumbing Items To Get Great Deals On Now

3076411_sWith the holiday season upon us many people are making their shopping list for purchasing gifts and gadget for their loved ones. Some of us have people on the list that are easier to shop for than others.

It has been estimated that most people will spend somewhere around $500 on gifts for their friends and loved ones. But, while you are out shopping for gifts make sure to keep a lookout for deals on items that can make a positive impact on your home and monthly utility bills.

Shopping can be hectic this time of year but, since you are going to be out and about anyway, make sure to plan a trip to the closest home improvement store and take a look around for these items:

  • Water filter pitcher. These are a great addition to any refrigerator as they provide filtered and clean water that is kept cold. Inside of the lid to the pitcher is a small filter that traps any particulates and keeps the water in the pitcher clean and fresh. This takes a little burden off of your plumbing system and gives you peace of mind that the water you are providing for your family to drink is pure.
  • One of the great appliances in your kitchen, the dishwasher will make holiday meal clean up a snap. But, if your dishwasher is an older model it is probably not very water efficient. In fact, the newer models are designed to be very water efficient. Many appliances are offered at a discount this time of year and you could score a new, highly water efficient dishwasher for a great deal.
  • Sinks and Faucets. Water conservation is important to all of us and one way to ensure that your home is as water efficient as possible is to install low-flow plumbing fixtures. Things like the sink and showerhead will make a big improvement to your monthly water bill and you could get them at a great price during these holiday shopping weeks.

Heading to your local home improvement store is probably not the first thing that you think of when you are planning your holiday shopping trip, it is definitely important to consider. You could make some important improvements to your home for a fraction of the cost.

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