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Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Plumbing This Fall

36762228_sDuring the summer months, the weather is much hotter and more dry, requiring extra water for plants, landscaping, and your lawn. However, now that we are moving into the fall season, it is important to adjust your water usage to match the weather patterns.

During the fall season, it is not unusual for there to be heavy rain storms and high winds. This weather brings a lot more moisture to the outside of your home, and therefore, you can use less water. While water-conservation is on everyone’s minds for the inside of the home, it is easy to forget about the outside water usage as the weather drives most of us indoors this time of year.

Here are some tips for conserving water outside of your home:

  • While the need for spot watering is coming to an end as the weather cools off, if you still need to use a garden hose to water the areas of your lawn where the sprinkler didn’t reach, make sure to add a nozzle to the end of your hose so that it conserves water when you’re using it.
  • When the fall season brings high winds and heavy rains, the debris and leaves that are left behind can be messy, soggy, and even slipper or dangerous. Get out the broom or leaf blower in lieu of the garden hose to clean up the mess.
  • Having a sprinkler system to water your lawn and landscaping on a timer is a great way to save water, while keeping the outside of your home looking healthy and lush. But, it is important to adjust the schedule based on the weather patterns for the season. Take a minute in the next few days to make sure your sprinkler system is set to water based on the cooler weather.
  • With the weather getting cooler and the family activities being driven indoors, fewer people will be outside to notice any leaks or damaged outdoor plumbing. Make sure, before the weather gets too cold, to walk the perimeter of your home and check for plumbing that needs to be fixed.

Getting your outdoor plumbing in order this time of year is a great way to protect your entire plumbing system from damage, as well as keeping your water mill from seeing a jump. Follow these tips to make sure that your home is ready for the fall season.

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