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How To Safely Use Electricity Near Your Plumbing System

44026866_sStaying safe while working on home improvement projects is a concern for all homeowners. But, this is especially true when working with your electrical and plumbing systems. The challenge is when these two systems cross paths.

Everyone knows that water and electricity do not mix, and yet in several locations throughout your home, electricity and water are working together harmoniously to help you get the day to day tasks done that you are responsible for.

However, when you have a plumbing failure, it is especially important to be cautious of sources of electricity, and of other safety concerns. Here are some tips to keep you safe when working on a plumbing project in your home:

  • Keep power tools at a safe distance. If you are working with power tools during your plumbing project, make sure that you stow them away safely when they are not in use. Wrap up the cords and keep them from being laid across the floor. Power cords can easily be tripped over, causing you injury and possible causing the tool itself to engage without an operator, leading to disaster.
  • Keep the floor dry. During a plumbing project, it is not unusual for some water to get on the floor. This is usually in the bathroom or the kitchen, where a wet floor can be extremely slippery and dangerous. Make sure to have some spare shop towels to clean up any spilled water. A slippery floor can cause serious injury.
  • Keep your eyes, hands, and lungs protected. When working on your plumbing system make sure to wear proper protective equipment. This includes safety glasses to protect your eyes from chemicals and debris, a mask to protect your lungs and respiratory system from fumes and sewer gasses, and gloves that are thick and waterproof to protect your hands and skin from being punctured or even burned by a chemical.

Anytime you are working on a project around your home, safety is a concern. Clearing a stubborn clog might seem like a simple project, however, if you have poured a chemical drain cleaner down the drain to clear the clog and that didn’t work, and then you go after with a sink plunger or, a drain auger you could have a clog covered in caustic drain chemicals come flying out of your drain and into your face. Always be prepared, and expect the unexpected.

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