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Plumbing Tips For New Home Buyers

32407520_sSummer is the time of year when families plan trips and vacations together, cook outdoors, and enjoy fun in the sun. It is also the most popular time of the year for moving and buying a home. Many families like to schedule their re-locating to the summer months because it is the time of year when the kids are on school break.

Unfortunately, many new homebuyers discover soon after making their purchase that their new home has poor plumbing. As a matter of fact, more than 40% of new homebuyers find themselves needing support from a professional plumber within one year of purchase.

If you are planning on buying a home this summer, here are some things to check for while shopping:

Make sure to look around the base of the toilet where it seals to the floor. If the seal is cracked or damaged, or if you see any bubbling or ripples in the vinyl it is likely that the toilet has a slow leak and the subfloor has sustained some water damage.

To confirm whether the subfloor has been damaged by a leaking toilet, stand with one foot on each side of the toilet and rock back and forth. If the floor feel soft or spongy, it is probably rotted.

Flush the toilet and pay attention to how fast it flushes, if the tank re-fills within three minutes of flushing, and if the handle feels strong.

Inspect the seal around the bathtub and the tiles on the wall, make sure that the seal is not damaged, and that there isn’t any mildew growing on it. These are all indications of a leak, which may have caused significant water damage and rot.

Check under the bathroom sink. If the cupboards have mildew growing or, the wood smells sweet then the drain pipe is leaking and has rotted the cupboard.

Buy a home will be the single most expensive purchase in most people’s lives. It is an investment and one that must be protected. If you are planning to purchase a home this summer, follow these tips for making sure that you won’t be surprised by a plumbing malfunctions a few months after you sign.

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