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Spring Cleaning For Your Gutters

1941831_s (1)With all of the home improvement tasks and maintenance projects that pile up during the spring season, it’s easy to push some of the messier ones to the bottom of the list. Who really wants to flush the water heater or replace the toilet? However, these tasks are extremely important to the upkeep of your home and making sure it is in proper working order all year around. This is true for the gutters around your home more than anything else.

The gutters around your home are designed to divert water away from the structure and foundation of your house during heavy rains. However, during the fall and winter seasons it is normal for your gutters to get filled with leaves, sticks, and other debris – you might even find a bird’s nest or two! All of this can cause clogs, which will lead to water damage. Here are some steps to follow for cleaning out your gutters:

Wear protective gear. Always wear a long-sleeved shirt, rubber gloves, goggles, and a mask when cleaning your rain gutters. This protective gear will ensure that you are not harmed while cleaning your gutters. Things like sticks and twigs can poke or scratch you, and mud or dirt could get into your eyes.

Use a stable ladder. Depending on your home, you will be climbing one possibly two stories and the ladder that you use should be solid. It’s also a good idea to have someone working with you who can spot you and call for help if necessary

Lay down plastic. Use a plastic tarp or painting drop cloth and lay it on the ground under where you are working. This will ensure that the mess you scoop out of the gutters does not pile up on you lawn or landscape.

Scoop the gunk. After you have laid down the plastic, climb the ladder to the gutters and use a small plastic shovel or garden trowel and scoop the gunk out of your gutters. Follow this process all the way around your home.

When the spring rains hit your gutters get a real workout and if they are not clean, the water will back up and cause water damage to your home. Follow these simple steps to get your gutters cleaned out this month and avoid the overflow.

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