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Avoiding Thanksgiving Day Drain Blockages day

Thanksgiving plumbing emergency

emergency-plumbing-littleton-thanksgivingPlumbing is something everyone takes for granted. Flush the toilet, walk away. When it backs up and overflows all over the floor, we all know that isn’t normal. There is always a reason that a stoppage occurs. No one wants it to happen again, especially not on Thanksgiving Day, because it causes a very unsanitary condition and an unpleasant situation.  It creates a Littleton plumbing emergency!

Here are a few tips for the Thanksgiving season that may help you avoid having to call a plumber during the holidays:

1) Stuff the turkey, not your garbage disposal. Put small amount at a time into your disposal.

2) Don’t put bones in your garbage disposal.

3) Try to avoid letting grease go down the drain. Wipe the pans out first.

4) Turn on the disposal first, while running water, then dispose of the waste gradually.

5) Compost or put in garbage, the bulk of the waste.

6) If your sink stops up, try plunging one side of the sink while covering the drain on the other side.

From our family to yours, have a safe and family-filled Thanksgiving.

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