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Installing A Metal-Rim Sink Easy As One Two Three

Sink installation project

installing-a-metal-rim-sink-easy-as-one-two-threePlumber’s putty has long been used to seal sinks with metal rims, however, plumber’s putty can turn dark over time – sometimes it even turns black – and grows brittle, so it cracks and chips, leaving behind voids that can leak.  These days, according to the most reliable Littleton plumber, a better choice is one of the popular tub-and-tile caulks.

The best kinds to use are PVA (polyvinyl acetate) caulk, acrylic latex caulk, or silicon caulk.  Any of these will last a long time and remain flexible for years.  Just make sure to buy a brand that has mildew-resistant additives.

Plumbing Project Tip of the Week

Tip #1  Position the sink rim on the countertop, centered over the sink base and parallel with the back wall, and trace around it.  Drill 1/4-inch-or-more holes in one or more corners of the marked cutout (template usually comes with the sink), and follow the pencil mark using a saber saw to cut the hole for the sink.

Tip #2  To support the sink rim until you can install the sink clips, you have to bend inward the pre-cut tabs on the vertical band of the rim.  Use a flat-blade screwdriver for this job.  If a tab doesn’t move, strike the top of the screwdriver with a hammer until the tab breaks free.

Tip #3  Lower the sink and rim into the countertop opening, and begin installing the hold-down clips around the perimeter of the sink.  Use a sink-clip wrench or a long nut driver or screwdriver to do this job.  The clips bear against the underside of the counter.

Installing A Self-Rimming Cast-Iron Sink

  • Cast iron is heavy and expensive, so call a friend if you think you need help.  With one of you on each side, lift the sink over the counter and into the sink opening. When it is set, carefully move it around until you have it centered and straight, relative to the backsplash.
  • Don’t be too concerned if the sink rocks in place.  Some sinks become a little warped in the firing process.  A warp of 1/4-inch is acceptable, because when you have balanced and shimmed the sink corner to corner, you will be able to fill the two 1/8-inch gaps with caulk.  A warp greater than 1/4-inch is too much.
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