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Pumpkin Guts Will Clog Your Sink

Clogged kitchen sink:  pumpkin guts

pumpkin-carving-avoid-clogged-sinks-littleton-plumberClogged Kitchen drains and disposals are common in the fall during pumpkin carving season, says the Littleton plumbing experts.  Carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns is an age-old Halloween tradition. However, it can turn into a plumbing nightmare if the pumpkin pulp and seeds go down the garbage disposal.  Pumpkin guts will clog kitchen sink!

The stringy pumpkin pulp can stick to pipes and harden within Kitchen drain lines causing a back-up. For that matter, kitchen sink lines, garbage disposals and toilets should never be used when disposing of pumpkin seeds, pulp or rinds. It is best to carve pumpkins on newspaper away from the Kitchen sink.

Millions of pounds of pulp will go down the drains this Halloween season.  It may seem far fetched, but our Littleton plumbing technicians remove pumpkin pulp from countless homes this time each year.  Here are some easy steps to follow to avoid the same blunder this Halloween:

Plumbing Pro Tips to Share

Tip #1  Never throw pumpkin pieces or pulp into any pipe in your home. Pulp quickly dries and becomes sticky, which blocks or backs up almost any pipe it comes into contact with.

Tip #2  Always lay down newspaper before carving a pumpkin. This makes for an easy clean up when you’re finished—just toss the pulp and seeds right into the garbage.

Tip #3  Consider alternative uses for your leftover pumpkin after the carving process is over. Toast the seeds for a yummy treat, or create a compost pile with the pulp.

PLUMBING TRADE SECRETS:  One other word of wisdom, is to use a sharp knife. It will cut without as much force as a dull knife.  In case you slip, the less force you are using will prevent deeper cuts.  Be careful, have fun and watch out for the trick or treaters.

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