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Summer maintenance boiler tips

BoilerOilGet Ready! The time is fast approaching when you will need to have your boilers back on-line. Yes, winter is coming and so are the demands placed upon your boilers.  The most referred plumbing contractor in Littleton says, to make sure you are operating safely and at peak efficiency.  Open your boiler for an inspection. Clean both the fireside and waterside. If you haven’t had your boiler inspector out, call us so that we can take a look.

When you reassemble your boiler use new gaskets. Also clean and inspect your low water cutoff. Check all safety devices, including a pop test on the safety relief valves, flame safeguard checks and a leak test on safety shut-off valves.

Here is a Boiler Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Inspect all burner refractory material.
  2. Inspect all manhole gaskets for leaks.
  3. Inspect and test all system valves.
  4. Inspect and test all safety valves.
  5. Clean and rebuild low water cut-off.
  6. Re-calibrate all operating controls.
  7. Overhaul feed water pumps.
  8. Clean condensate receiver.
  9. Inspect electrical terminals.
  10. Switch boiler automation to summer mode.
  11. Check fuel oil levels.
  12. Clean and inspect chimneys.
  13. Clean and tune boiler and components.

By far the worst strategy is reactive boiler maintenance. This may be defined as repairs made only when there is a failure. There is no planning, no anticipation of repairs that may be required to prevent a failure. It is only when the equipment fails that the operators will evaluate the cause and then try to make the repairs.

The costs associated with these boiler repairs are typically high both in labor, much of which is done on an overtime basis, and the associated downtime. By far this is the least desirable approach to boiler maintenance.

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