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Cleaning a Dishwasher Inlet Screen

Aerator screens

dishwasher-inlet-screen-placementIf your dishwasher takes forever to fill, a clogged inlet screen restricting the water flow might be the culprit.  Open the lower access door at the bottom of the dishwasher and locate the inlet valve solenoid, typically on the bottom left.

In some cases you may have to pull the dishwasher out and put it on its back to have access to the solenoid.

Plumber Pro Tips

  1. Locate the solenoid valve, remove the inlet hose, and then unscrew the brass angle fitting.
  2. Loosen the inlet hose, and pull the hose away from the valve.
  3. Pop the screen out with a pick or small screwdriver, and clean or replace it.
  4. Reassemble the parts in the reverse order.

Other Screens You Might Clean

At a washing machine shut off the hose valve and disconnect the hoses from the back of the machine.  Pry out the screens in the machine’s inlets or hose ends and clean them.  Use pliers to unscrew an aerator from the end of a faucet spout and clean all the little parts.  Replace the aerator if it is damaged.

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