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Selecting A Dishwasher That Will Save Energy

LIT-Selecting A Dishwasher That Will Save Energy

portable-dishwasher-front-load-controls-littleton-plumberPurchase a portable dishwasher until you remodel or move

If buying and installing a built-in dishwasher is too expensive, consider a portable.  It can be almost as easy to use, especially if you have a convenient place to store it between uses.  And like all portable appliances, according to the plumbing of Littleton experts, it can go with you if you move.

One caution regarding these units:  not all portable dishwashers can be easily converted to under-the-counter appliances. Some units have top-mounted controls and load from the top. Usually, converting this style to fit under your counter will require cutting an opening in your countertop to provide access to the unit.

Plumbing Pro Tips To Share

Tip #1  To save energy, get a dishwasher with a booster heater that automatically heats hot water from your water heater to the temperature required to clean dishes.

Tip #2  It saves energy by letting you keep the water heater at a lower temperature.  It’s also your best bet if you live in an apartment and can’t control water temperature.

Tip #3  Always wash full loads.  A dishwasher uses the same amount of hot water and energy whether it’s half-filled or fully loaded.

Tip #4  Use the rinse-and-hold cycle when you don’t have a full load.

Tip #5  Let your dishes air-dry.  If your machine doesn’t have an Energy Saver switch to stop heated drying, just wait for the final rinse to end, then release the door latch and turn the control knob to Off.

Tip #6  Wait a few minutes for the steam inside to subside, then open the door and pull the top rack out partway to hold it open.

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